Thursday, October 30, 2014 · 12:40 p.m.

Review: Local Fare's smartphone app

Earlier this month, we featured an article about Local Fare's new mobile app, which brings what we love best about Local Fare Magazine to our smartphones. ...

The Farm Stand: 11 edible weeds found in Chattanooga

If you're into growing your own food, you may already be aware of the plants that thrive in our area like okra and watermelon, but did you know that there are several beneficial native plants that most people just call weeds? ...

The Farm Stand: Getting your kids to eat their vegetables

Earlier this month, my wife and I were cleaning out our closets to prepare for an upcoming yard sale. In an old box, I found a kitchen set that belonged to my oldest daughter when she was younger. ...

The Farm Stand: Staying connected with local food

I would imagine that most people reading this article right now on Nooga are trend-savvy enough to realize the popularity of staying connected via social media. ...
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