Wednesday, April 23, 2014 · 3:40 a.m.

Caribbean-themed restaurant Steelpan has closed after a problem with its beer license. 

The restaurant, owned by John Shoemaker, recently hosted a 100-hour fundraiser. Shoemaker also owns music venue JJ’s Bohemia and Black Magpie Theory, which is a bar that used to be called O'Heiney's. 

Sgt. Jeffrey T. Gaines with the Chattanooga Beer and Wrecker Board said that Steelpan never had a beer license and was operating off the previous owner's permit. 

"They were in the process of getting one but had some things to fix found by the fire marshal," he said via email.

Authorities told Shoemaker that he couldn't operate under the old permit and that if he were found doing so, he'd be cited to court, Gaines said. 

On Dec. 5, an officer bought a beer from Steelpan and discovered that the restaurant was operating without a valid permit.

The officer cited Shoemaker, and the court date is scheduled for February. 

"At the beer board meeting, [Shoemaker] advised that he could not sustain his business by not serving beer and elected to close his business instead of fulfilling the requirements of getting a beer permit," Gaines said. 

Earlier this month, Shoemaker said that Black Magpie was closed for construction and will likely be closed for the rest of the year. He said he was in the process of getting a liquor license for that business. 

Shoemaker couldn't immediately be reached Friday for comment. 

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