Wednesday, April 16, 2014 · 6:47 a.m.

After months of speculation, organizers with the Chattanooga Film Festival released a short letter to supporters today that includes information about the forthcoming festival and a confirmed date.

(From left to right) The Chattanooga Film Festival board includes Mara Tasker, Grey Watson and Chris Dortch. (Photo: Contributed)

Backed by the Lyndhurst Foundation, the Hunter Museum of American Art, Carmike Cinemas and other businesses, the festival will span four days—April 3-6, 2014—and feature "known names and faces, discussions and parties."

The festival will also feature opportunities for filmmakers to "affordably" submit their films for consideration.

Posters for the festival will go up today at Carmike Majestic Northgate and East Ridge locations. 

The board includes Chris Dortch as festival director, Mara Tasker as director of programming and Grey Watson as chairman.

From the letter:

The driving force behind the Chattanooga Film Festival is the passion for sharing stories with everyone and exposing local filmmakers to professional talent … [The festival] is a manifestation of our belief that there are few experiences more wonderful than a night out at the movies. Chattanooga’s growing artistic and cultural communities have made the creation of such a festival nothing short of a moral imperative. It is a task that must be approached with the same love and respect for the city as when a director carefully approaches a film.

The board was not available for additional comments at this time.

According to the letter, the group is partnered closely with Dortch’s Mise En Scenesters but has also expanded their reach beyond the city to include "prestigious distribution companies to guarantee the best films for the festival."

A website for the Chattanooga Film Festival will be launched in January. It will feature up-to-date information with "sneak peaks" about programming as they become available.

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