Saturday, April 19, 2014 · 7:58 a.m.

I bet GLAAD is happy, happy, happy

... and other random thoughts


By now, you've probably heard the news: A&E has suspended Phil Robertson from appearing in any episodes of "Duck Dynasty" in the wake of GLAAD's criticism of his comments about homosexuality during an interview with GQ magazine. Since the entire universe, it seems, is weighing in with their thoughts about the incident, I'll keep mine brief:

"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson. (Photo: MGNOnline)

—We, as citizens, have freedom of speech in this country. But when we sign a contract to appear on a television show, we sacrifice some of that freedom. The Federal Communications Commission, for example, has rules about what you can and can't say on the air; and if a network deems your comments in, say, a newspaper or magazine interview detrimental to business interests, they can suspend or fire you. Period. With that said, the Robertsons likely have a bigger fan base than Oprah and could launch their own network if they wanted to.      

—Robertson could have perhaps better communicated his message—and avoided his current predicament—by choosing his words a little more carefully. People aren't as outraged about his reciting of Scripture as they are the graphic nature of the rest of comments.

—What did the Robertsons really have to gain from a feature in GQ, anyway? 

Moving on ...

Every year, I hear a lot about the "war on Christmas." I'm a Christian. I say "merry Christmas" and have never been attacked for doing so. Are some folks bothered by Christmas? Sure. Do some folks get irate at the mere mention of Christ? Yes. But even so, I am less concerned about people trying to take "Christ" out of "Christmas" each December than I am with Christians (myself included) not taking the message of Christ out into the world year-round. I am also not concerned as much about the color of Jesus' skin as I am with his blood and what color it has washed my sin.

Also, I've always thought of Santa as being more of a wind-chapped pink. Or invisible.

Since we're on the topic of Jesus, I'd like to ask all the Christians in my social media feeds a question: Which is more important, sharing the flaws of President Barack Obama or the greatness of Christ? 

Equality and fairness will never happen for everyone because everyone will never agree on what equality and fairness mean.

If it's OK to be served a meal by someone whose views or lifestyle differ from yours, it's OK for you to tip them.

Community forums can go a long way toward helping solve the problems plaguing our society. So can homes with active, dedicated and loving fathers.

The man who died in a local road rage incident Tuesday was my son's basketball coach last year. The whole episode is dreadfully sad. He was a dedicated coach who was great with the kids and who left behind three kids of his own. I don't know what happened on the corner of Moore Road and North Terrace, but I do know that nobody deserved to die because of it. 

Can we all slow down, please? Can we stop and think about the big picture for a minute? Can we take a minute to think about our priorities? Can we at least pretend to have at least a passing respect for each other? Three kids lost their dad a week before Christmas. And we seem to have lost our collective minds.

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