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John Carr, beer manager at The Flying Squirrel, has been collecting kegs, and the bar/restaurant now has an exclusive list of drafts on tap. (Photo: Contributed)

The Flying Squirrel's beer manager, John Carr, has been hoarding products for about five months, and the Southside bar and restaurant now has a draft selection that can't currently be found elsewhere in town, owners said. 

"My mission is to provide this fair city with the best beer I can get my grubby hands on," Carr said via email. "If there is a limited amount of a certain special beer that comes into town, I'm liable to buy up nearly all of it. This ensures that we can consistently provide our guests with a wonderful draft lineup at all times."

Owners of The Flying Squirrel are making the products—which they said aren't currently available anywhere else in town—accessible through their Stack the Taps event, which is going on now. 

Carr, the self-proclaimed beer hoarder, said he started holding back some kegs months ago. He wasn't sure what he'd do with them, he just knew he wanted to do something special, he said. 

And although these specific products probably won't last long—maybe a week—the team said they are always replacing products with new and "different deliciousness." 

For some of the products, Carr could only get a keg that holds just more than 5 gallons, he said. 

Sometimes, beer distributors only have a handful of kegs of a more unique beer for the entire state, so Carr said it took some work to get the products. 

"Sometimes, my distribution reps will give me a heads-up on these, but oftentimes, it's just a matter of staying vigilant and scouring inventory lists for excellence," he said.

He also collaborated with Chattanooga Brewing Company for a special beer event. They took CBC's regular Winter Warmer beer and put it in a Corsair Triple-smoke whiskey barrel, then added whole vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks and Velo's cold-press coffee.

Carr also has worked to bring new beers to the state for the Stack the Taps lineup. He worked with Anchor Brewing in San Francisco to see if they would send kegs to Tennessee, he said. 

"You can find their beer in bottles all over town, but I had never seen it on draft," he said. "We collaborated with our distributor to make it happen. Six kegs came into the state last week, and we bought every last one of 'em." 

Below is a list of the beers in the Stack the Taps lineup, along with some notes about the products from Carr. 

• Stone Old Guardian Odd Year

• Highland Cold Mountain

• Moccasin Bend Smart Ass

• Anchor Steam

Carr said of Anchor Steam, "It's never been on draft in Tennessee, and we got the only six kegs that came into the state."

• Rogue chipotle ale

Carr said this beer was new to the state as of a couple of weeks ago.

"The only other place I've seen it so far is Heaven and Ale on the North Shore," he said.

• Ommegang "Game of Thrones" Take the Black

Two kegs of this beer came into the city, according to Carr.

"We got one, and Brewhaus got the other one," he said.

• Ommegang Adoration and Ommegang 3 Philosophers

"These two I've never seen on draft anywhere else," Carr said. "They're both limited releases, and I'm pretty sure we have the only kegs in the city."

• Lagunitas cappuccino stout rye barrel-aged

Carr said: "Four kegs came into the state. Brewhaus got one, and we bought the other three."

• North Coast Brother Thelonius

Carr said: "North Coast pulled out of the state entirely a few months ago, so I bought up the last of the Brother Thelonious that my distributor had. You won't find this anywhere else in the state anymore."

• Highland St. Terese

• Southern Tier Pumking

• Brooklyn Cuvee La Boite 

"These are the last two kegs of this Brewmasters Reserve in the city," Carr said.

• CBC/Velo Vanilla Whiskey Warmer (exclusive)

• Highland Yer Mom

"This was tasting room-only at Highland, but I have a great relationship with them, so they threw one keg on the truck headed to Chattanooga just for us," Carr said.

• Terrapin Dr. Krunkles Belgian IPA

• Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Wild

• Oskar Blues Ten-Fidy

• Oskar Blues Old Chub

"Oskar Blues sent us the only two nitro-conditioned kegs that came to Chattanooga," Carr said.

Updated @ 8:28 p.m. on 12/19/13 to correct a factual error: Carr originally thought that Brewhaus had already used their keg of Ommegang "Game of Thrones" Take the Black, but was later informed they still have it.

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