Wednesday, April 23, 2014 · 11:16 p.m.

Two words: Trampoline dodgeball


Sign-ups have begun for the Chattanooga Sports League’s winter sports, and a new one will have you jumping up and down with excitement.

Competitive trampoline dodgeball is coming to The Jump Park, and several slots are still open for coed teams.

The sport has grown in popularity in other markets, according to CSL owner Tommy Travers. He said The Jump Park—currently under construction at 1810 Chestnut St.—should provide a ton of fun for this sport and others.

"You’re basically enclosed in a huge trampoline that is enclosed in trampolines," he said. "I’ve only seen other arenas, but it’s basically like a huge square. There are trampolines on the walls."

The season begins Jan. 7 and continues through early April.

The six vs. six teams must include two females. Twelve players are included in the team fee of $585 per team.

Free agents can sign up for $65 and will be placed on a team.

Click here for sign-up information.

About the sport
Trampoline dodgeball is similar to traditional dodgeball but with the addition of trampolines.

"Dodgeball rules apply," Travers said. "Other than jumping around like a monkey, the rules are similar."

Click here to read the official rules of the World Dodgeball Society.

A relatively new sport, trampoline dodgeball has gained interest and participation over the past few years. 2012 saw the first ultimate trampoline dodgeball tournament in Dallas, and a quick Google search offers a ton of results and photos.

Video: A game of ultimate trampoline dodgeball

The CSL is still in its first year of operation, but Travers said the initial interest in this sport was far more than he expected.

"It’s something unique," he said. "It’s taking two things that people have done in their life and giving them an opportunity to act like kids again."

But this is not a kid’s sport, and the CSL is not a league for children.

Travers said he created the league as a way for adults to hang out during the week with a focus on wellness.

"It’s about being active in Chattanooga, just a way to build personal and professional relationships," he said. "All of our leagues have been a success thus far."

Trampoline dodgeball joins other CSL sports leagues like kickball, flag football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, (regular) dodgeball and cornhole.

The league teams up with bar sponsors after every game to encourage socialization.

"At the end of the day, it should be fun for everyone," Travers said.

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