Wednesday, April 23, 2014 · 10:00 p.m.

Chattanooga recording artist Trey Forbes channels the spirit of The Louvin Brothers on his new album, "Darkness in the Light."  

Released today via Orchard, the album doles out 12 tracks of rock- and gospel-influenced music that offers quiet introspection pushed up against jagged guitar riffs and Forbes' emphatic voice. 

According to the album's press release:

Trey Forbes [and "Darkness in the Light"] tells the story of the devil's prostitute wife, who sells her soul to Jesus Christ and files for divorce against the devil. She makes her case to the Lord, and the devil plots against her. She is clever and sets a snare for the devil. She is the mother of his children. And she brings many disguises and games to play as she dances with the light of life.

Drawing from experiences in his own past, Forbes uses his own determined sense of conviction to imbue these songs with a hearty moral recognition but without coming across as overly preachy or judgmental. His songs approach themes of religion and belief in a way that opens the door for honest discourse and discussion, while at the same time keeping a fairly levelheaded view of religion's place in a person's life.

Forbes has posted a few tracks from the album over at Tate Music Group's website, so you can head over there now to get a small sample of "Darkness in the Light."  

The album is available on iTunes, Amazon or directly through Tate Music Group.

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