Saturday, April 19, 2014 · 8:51 p.m.

Getting drunkity-drunk at an office party? Business drag. Keeping up the job search despite the urge to take a break during the holidays? Business boost. 

Kevin Green with Robert Half Finance & Accounting, a division of staffing agency Robert Half International, spoke to Tuesday about some business do's and don'ts during the holiday season.

Do network at holiday parties. 
There are some legitimate reasons to skip the office Christmas party, but Green said he advises people to at least drop by, if possible. 

But employees should avoid being that person who has one too many cocktails, he said. 

Instead, he said that employees should use the parties as an opportunity to get to know people they don't interact with frequently. 

"Get to know people up and down the chain of command," he said.

Don't stop the job hunt. 
Many people think that people who do the hiring might take a break from their search during the holidays.

And people looking for jobs might ease off during the holiday season, which means that it might be a good time to get noticed because there may be less competition. 

"If the prevailing thought is that everybody backs down, smart candidates are the ones that are going to use that to their advantage," he said. 

And although hiring managers may be busy or, conversely, take time off work during the holidays, they are still going to be on the lookout for a candidate with potential, Green said. 

The end of the year is also a good time to update the résumé and make sure social media profiles are clean, he said. 

Do make a plan.
Whether it's because work naturally piles up at the end of the year or people are scrambling to take time off and get work done in less time, the end of the year can be busy. 

There are also more competing demands around the holidays, he said. 

Green encouraged employees and managers to have a plan for how to get needed work completed.

Communication is an important step toward creating a plan, he said.

Identify what needs to be done, talk about it, and then set goals and create a course of action for how to get all the tasks done, he said.  

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