Thursday, April 17, 2014 · 8:44 a.m.

MakeWork announces 2013 grant recipients


Officials with MakeWork have announced the names of six artists who will receive grants totaling $150,000.

Each artist will promote a project directly tied to social good.

In a release from MakeWork, co-chairs Ellen Hays and Candy Kruesi said:

In MakeWork’s final funding cycle, the advisory council decided to ask our former grantees to create projects that would make a difference for our city and serve people who would not have traditional access to art. MakeWork’s grantees and their community partners are poised to do this work.

The following are the 2013 MakeWork grantees and projects:

Sybil Baker, White Elephant: Platforms for Progressive Vision in Action

Kevin Bate, The McCallie Walls Project: A Drive-Thru Gallery

Christie Burns, World Music Weekends: A Cultural Dialogue and Celebration

Rondell Crier, Urban Heroes: Youth Arts Initiative

Judy Mogul, Field Play: Environmental Art Program

Greg Pond, Progress and Pride in Chattanooga: A Look into Patten Towers

Kevin Bate creates large-scale murals, particularly faces on urban buildings. Recently, he created a Robert Johnson mural on M.L. King Boulevard’s Whole Note Building.

He said he was stunned his project was included.

"It was only available to previous MakeWork grantees," he said. "These are the best and brightest that Chattanooga has to offer. This is a pretty tough field. I’m flattered."

Bate’s project will focus on a stretch of buildings on McCallie Avenue between Holtzclaw and Orchard Knob. His goal is to hire artists to create artwork on both sides of the buildings to form a "drive-thru gallery," the idea being that different art would be visible depending on which direction you happen to be driving.

"The idea is that we take this area that is just a way to get from East Brainerd to downtown and make it into a destination, something other than the nothing that’s there," he said.

With the money from the MakeWork Grant, Bate will purchase primer and anti-graffiti coating. He’ll also hire artists to work on the project.

MakeWork has awarded more than $1 million to 101 creative individuals living and working in Chattanooga. Funding has been provided by the Lyndhurst Foundation.

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