Monday, April 21, 2014 · 4:11 a.m.

Chattanooga synth-pop band tHE HEARtS IN LIGHt are gearing up for the release of their new record, "Mystical Marriage," which is due out sometime in early 2014. Following on the heels of 2012's double album, "Ascend," the band will once again be peddling their Technicolor pop wares to Chattanooga venues and beyond.

Comprising producer-songwriter Kyle Malone, songwriter Stacy Sausa, bassist Seth Ferguson and drummer Brett Ives, the band delves into synthetic pop landscapes that race by in a blur, allowing only partial glimpses of glistening synth peaks and bright, sugary melodies. 

tHE HEARtS IN LIGHt's "Mystical Marriage."

On their latest single, "Upgrade," the band's gossamer pop rhythms and new-age electronics meet at odd angles before splintering off in different directions. Wielding a persistent beat that winds itself around Sausa's soaring vocals and icy electronic flourishes, the song dips into pop extravagance without breaking a sweat and manages to keep itself afloat on the strength of the band's dynamic interplay—and a wealth of vibrant and densely layered instrumentation.

As a bonus for fans, they're also streaming the dance-y, pop-tastic track "Bahamas," which was initially recorded for inclusion on "Mystical Marriage" but was ultimately not used. "Bahamas" was released earlier this year as a 7-inch vinyl single backed with B-side "Bimini in Blue."

The band will be touring L.A. after the holidays but will likely be making some stops in Chattanooga sometime in February. We'll have more details regarding dates closer to the release of "Mystical Marriage." Stream "Upgrade" below.

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Updated @ 12:44 p.m. on 12/11/13 to correct a factual error: The songwriter's name is Stacy Sausa, not Stacy Sousa, as originally reported. 

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