Wednesday, April 23, 2014 · 7:47 a.m.

Even Big Kitty gets in on the holiday spirit from time to time.

With the recent announcement of a half-off sale of Chattanooga folk rockers Big Kitty's "Recordings of Ferns" record, the band has also offered a few incentives to get you thinking about those LPs and digital downloads. If you head over to Big Kitty's Facebook page and share their post regarding the sale, you'll be rewarded with a download code for "Little Kitty's Christmas Harp," a collection of Christmas songs released by the band in December of last year.

Clark Williams of Big Kitty. (Photo: Contributed)

According to the post, you'll be able to purchase records for $7.50 each or for the better deal of $20 for three. This sale runs Nov. 30-Dec. 6.

The other incentive that Big Kitty has shared is in the form of a new song called "I'm Not the Real Santa Claus"—although this is less an incentive per se and more a freebie to keep you in the holiday mindset. 

Layering bits of electric guitar over a strummy acoustic guitar, the track gives off a feeling similar to the story-songs that Harry Smith captured on his "Anthology of American Folk Music" series.

Whistled notes and mournful violins thread themselves throughout the mix, but it's all in service to the off-kilter festive spirit that permeates every chord. From observations regarding the color of his beard to the fact that he drives a '96 Honda Civic and not a sleigh, Big Kitty singer Clark Williams instills a sense of deadpan Christmas cheer to the song.

If you're not quite in the mood for "Rudolph" or "Jingle Bells" just yet, let Big Kitty ease you into that Christmastime joy with "I'm Not the Real Santa Claus." Stream the song below.

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