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Georgia transplants and current Chattanooga residents Gorgeous released their debut EP, "Forget About It," earlier this year; and it was full of gauzy melodies, half-submerged harmonies, and equal parts jangle pop and minimalist indie rock.

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Similar in execution to the bands on jangle pop haven Captured Tracks, Gorgeous concentrates on form and atmosphere and lets the melodies and instrumentation follow along. It's easy to see why they list bands like My Bloody Valentine and Portishead among their influences, as these bands set a very particular sound to their songs and allow the music and lyrics to develop as a result.

Gorgeous may not spool out the winding waves of distortion like MBV or the beat-centric torch songs of Portishead, but their music comes together in a similar fashion. Rather than letting lyrics dictate the mood, the music drags the listener in long before they begin to quote words.

On their song "Forget About It," the band channels the spirit of French auteur Serge Gainsbourg, as well as the vocal stylings of Lee Hazelwood—all the while running the music through a lo-fi pop filter. The song opens with a simple percussive rhythm and gently chiming guitars, with vocals that sound as if they were recorded 6 feet under. 

According to the band, this song was recorded before they made the trek to Chattanooga and with the excitement of having formed a new band still fresh in their minds. They recorded the drums and all the guitar parts onto a loop pedal and then transferred the music to a computer, but this was done as much for economical reasons as for aesthetic purposes. Even the outro was initially written for a completely different song, but "We copied it into the 'Forget About It' file as a lark, and it worked, somehow."

Listen to a stream of "Forget About It" below.

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