Saturday, January 31, 2015 · 2:07 a.m.

Jim Coppinger, Gary Starnes, Marty Haynes all take oaths of office—Nooga

After hesitation, Eric Stewart voices support for Barack Obama—Nooga

Hamilton County schools add 1,658 students in first five days—Nooga

College-bound students featured in PEF, Bi-Lo campaign—Nooga

Howard plots path to stronger future—Times Free Press

Nothing stops a bullet like a job—Times Free Press

Gov. Bill Haslam ruminating on education reform, round 3—TN Report

Knox dems wonder what to do about Mark Clayton—News Sentinel 

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann vs. Scottie Mayfield II? Not in Tennessee—Times Free Press

Rookies to rule next Congress—Politico

EPB urged to cut gig Internet price—Times Free Press

In midst of a drought, keeping traffic moving on the Mississippi—NY Times

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